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Measure Wrist Size

The correct Wrist Size is very important in order to have the Bracelet fit properly. We rely on our Customers to give us their correct wrist size by following our "Wrist Sizing" directions. Sometimes extra length may be given for a comfortable fit but any extra length added to the size will not allow your Bracelet to fit properly so please be sure to follow the below directions and NOT add any length.

IMPORTANT: Do not add any extra length to compensate for a comfortable fit. As long as you send us the correct measurements your bracelet will fit nicely. If you do add more length then your bracelet will most likely be too big and not fit as well. As long as you give the correct measurements your bracelet will fit nicely.

1) To measure your wrist size you will first need a few supplies.

Scissors, pen, ruler and a narrow piece of paper that will wrap around your wrist with some left over.

Supplies to measure wrist
2) Wrap a piece of paper (1" wide or smaller. The smaller the better) lightly around your wrist. DO NOT wrap tightly.

Once the paper is wrapped lightly  around your wrist use a pen or pencil to mark the lapping edge.

Supplies to measure wrist
3) Lay the marked piece of paper next to a tape measure. Write the exact measurements down.

Please DO NOT add any length.

Supplies to measure wrist


  1. DO NOT add any extra length after you measure your wrist.

  2. Make sure the paper lightly fits around your wrist and mark the lapping edge.

  3. Measure the paper from one end to the area you marked and send us the exact measurements. DO NOT add any additional length to your wrist measurement.


Color Choices - To view larger images CLICK HERE
Currently we have 39 different colors

IMPORTANT: When you place an order from our site you will be asked to type in your color(s) in the color field. Please type in the exact color as below ie Coyote Tan and not just Tan since we have  have multiple colors of some colors.

White Paracord Black Paracord Blue Camo Paracord Burgundy Paracord Coyote Tan Paracord Dark OD Paracord
White Black Blue Camo Burgundy Coyote Tan
Dark OD
Coyote Brown Paracord Multi Camouflage Woodland Camo Paracord Purple Camo Paracord Bright Red Paracord Desert Camo Paracord
Coyote Brown Multi Camo Woodland Camo  Purple Camo Bright Red
Desert Camo
Colonial Blue Paracord Orange Paracord Purple Paracord Gray Paracord Red Paracord Desert Tan Paracord
Colonial Blue Orange Purple Gray Red
Desert Tan
Brown Paracord Turquois Paracord Rose Pink Paracord Neon Green Paracord Neon Yellow Paracord OD Green Paracord
Brown Turquoise Rose Pink Neon Green Neon Yellow
OD Green
Dark Brown Paracord Pink Camo Paracord Neon Orange Paracord Golden Rod Paracord Teal Paracord Foliage Green Paracord
Dark Brown Pink Camo Neon Orange Golden Rod Teal
Foliage Green
Yellow Paracord Silver Paracord Kelly Green Paracord Hunter Green Paracord KHAKI Paracord ACU Paracord
Yellow Silver Kelly Green Hunter Green KHAKI
ACU Digital
Neon Orange Camo Paracord Neon Pink Camo Paracord Red White and Blue Paracord
Neon Orange Camo Neon Pink Camo Red White & Blue

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If you have any questions please contact us.

Wrist Size Measurements for Paracord Bracelet


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Paracord Needles:
3" Aluminum Fids with 1" screw on Extension for a 4" Fid.

Easier to insert into the hole and it will stay until you unscrew the paracord. Excellent Tool. More Info

Wrist Size:
When you order a bracelet you need to send us your correct wrist size. Click here to find out how.

Color Example:
We decided to make some images that explains how you can choose your colors. Click on the following links to view how colors are chosen.

Custom Work:
We have been doing custom work for manufactures and other websites so if you are in need of custom work please contact us.

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